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How to pick a personal injury solicitor

Starting a compensation claim can be a daunting process, so it is important to make sure you have the best possible personal injury solicitor working on your side to maximize your chances of success and compensation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inexperienced and incompetent personal injury solicitors in the UK, so the main thing to look for are the accreditation’s mentioned in the section below. All of LPS Solicitors injury lawyers have been awarded these accreditation’s, so you can be sure to get the expert help you need to make a claim.

We also recommend avoiding companies who make cold calls, or send unsolicited text messages. These companies use unscrupulous methods for contacting potential accident victims, and set out purely to make a profit – they provide an impersonal service, and don’t really care about getting the best deal for their clients.

Professional organisations and bodies for injury solicitors


The biggest organisation overseeing the work of personal injury lawyers in the UK is The Law Society. This association represents professionals in England and Wales (there are separate organisations for lawyers in Scotland and Northern Ireland), and provides accreditation to personal injury lawyers who uphold a high standard of legal representation and work hard for their clients. It is always recommended to go with an injury solicitor who is a member of The Law Society.


The one main accreditation awarded by The Law Society covers solicitors who specialise in  personal injury. The presence of this symbol demonstrates that the injury lawyers in question have been accredited by The Law Society and provide an excellent service in their chosen field.



The Solicitors Regulation Authority is a board of The Law Society created by the Legal Services Act 2007. Prior to this, regulatory functions were carried out by The Law Society, but a report into legal services in England and Wales by Sir David Clementi recommended that all regulatory bodies be made separate from professional and representative organisations. This is the main body that regulates solicitors in England and Wales, though there are other, smaller regulators. All solicitors must be regulated by an approved body.


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