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Civil Litigation &
Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation &
Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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    If you are having a dispute with an individual or company, it is very important that you have the right team assisting you.

    We take an intelligent, no-nonsense and practical approach to dealing with civil litigation and dispute resolution issues. We always aim to resolve a dispute in a cost-effective manner and by way of negotiations or through the court.

    We understand the difficulties that can be attached to litigation and not to mention the costs risks. We will put you and your issue at the forefront and provide an excellent team of supporting solicitors, advocates and experts. It is very important that you have the right team to support you through dispute resolution and litigation.

    Our team are happy to assist and advise you at any stage of the proceedings. We will be able to give you strong, practical and helpful advice throughout the process. We will offer you the highest level of service both for you and your organization.

    We can assist you regardless of the perceived complexity and can guide you with matters including but not limited to:

    • International and Complex Multi-Million pound Disputes;
    • Contractual disputes;
    • Mediation/ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution);
    • Company and Commerical Matters;
    • Disputes regarding Directors Duties, Partnerships and Shareholder Disputes;
    • Professional Negligence;
    • Building & Construction Works;
    • Insolvency;
    • Property Ownership, Acquitision& Disputes;
    • Contentious Probate & Trusts;
    • Debt Recovery;
    • Defamation;
    • Fraud.

    The types of assistance we can provide you are:

    • We can advise you whether you are considering civil litigation or are civil proceedings are being threatened against you;
    • Deal with pre-action negotiations (including without prejudice negotiations), mediation and alternative dispute resolution;
    • Draft letters before action and letters of response;
    • Prepare and progress pleadings and supporting evidence (i.e. Claim forms, Particulars, Defences, Reply to Defences, Witness Statements etc);
    • Create a strategy and gather evidence and expert advice to support your position;
    • Prepare your case every step of the way (issue, defence, evidentiary, directions, hearings etc).

    We offer competitive rates and would undertake a cost-benefit analysis of your case to ensure that you progress the matter in a manner. This process is undertaken on an on-going basis to assist you. It is very important that your case is prepared by experienced professionals and that thorough consideration is given to the case due to the fact that you can risk paying your opponent’s costs if your case failed. We can assure you that no case is too big or small and we are on hand to assist you with a fantastic team of solicitors, barristers and experts.

    The first step will be to hold a free no-obligation conference with our office. We will begin to get an understanding of your matter and begin the process of creating a strategy and plan of action. We always aim to try to resolve matters without unnecessary costs, proceedings and litigation. Thereafter, dependant on your matter, we can begin to progress the plan of action and ensure that we fight your corner for the outcome you seek.

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      Our firm will treat you as an individual and not a number; we genuinely care about you and your family’s wellbeing. We are dedicated team experienced in dealing with complex cases. We will offer support at every step of the way and ensure that you are supported throughout you case/claim. We also have access to a range of experts that can assist us ensuring that your case/claim will present in best possible way. We offers a free no-obligation consultation so why not take us up on this offer and decide if we are the expert solicitors for you.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      How Can I Resolve a Dispute?

      There are many options and these include, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration, negotiations etc;

      What is the Pre-Action Protocol?

      This sets out the approach that should be taken by the parties in dispute. It provides guidance prior to the proceedings being commenced and helps to try to avoid unnecessary costs, disputes and proceedings. It seeks to encourage the parties to try to outline the claim properly and avoid proceedings by agreeing to a settlement before formal proceedings are commenced.

      When Do I Consider Proceedings?

      Well, the first step is to get the right legal support and advice. It is important to avoid proceedings unless they are absolutely necessary. Thereafter, a letter of claim can be drafted or responded to (dependant on if the claim is being started by you or against you). It is then important to consider negotiations, mediation and alternative dispute resolution to resolve the matter. If all else fails and there are merits to the case – you should consider formal proceedings.

      How Much Will This Cost?

      It is impossible to provide an estimate without considering your specific case and discussing what you are instructions will be. However, we offer a free no-obligation conference.

      Can You Provide Me Support in Court?

      Yes, we can assist you in preparing the case and can also ensure that the appropriate advocate is assigned to your case. It is fundamental to ensure that these individuals can work together to ensure the best possible presentation/defence of your case. We also have access to a wide network of experts that can be utilized to support your case.

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