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Ankle-Injury-CompensationIf you are suffering from an ankle injury without your fault and don’t know how much compensation to claim, you can always contact a reliable law firm to evaluate the amount. Personal injury lawyers working with reputable law firms have many years of experience in different personal injury claims including ankle injury compensation claim.

Your ankle can get hurt as a result of an accidental slip and fall, falling from a ladder at the workplace, or tripping on wet or slippery surface. An ankle injury can also be the result of sporting accidents or road traffic accidents. Ankle injury can range from minor to serious ones resulting to fracture, dislocation, sprain or break. A surgery is needed to reduce your pain. Based on the severity of the injury, a reliable solicitor will decide how much ankle injury compensation you can claim for the pain and suffering.
Trusted law firms like LPS Solicitors will first obtain the medical records to know about the injuries you have suffered, the severity of the pain based on a prognosis, and how much time you will likely take to recover from ankle pain. LPS Solicitors have won many cases involving ankle injury claims in the past. The experienced solicitors know a person needs to claim compensation within 3 years from the time the accident occurred or if it was associated with his past or present employment.
The solicitor will quickly collect all evidence to strengthen your case and fight till you are successfully awarded the money.