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If you have suffered from a road traffic accident and believe it was not your fault, you must contact LPS solicitors, one of the fastest growing law firms, for a hassle-free RTA claim process. A legal adviser will contact you as soon as you complete their online claims form. The adviser will collect necessary information associated with your road traffic accident to progress with the claim.
RTA-claimSoon you will be contacted by an experienced LPS solicitor for an in-depth consultation on your claim. He will collect papers required for strengthening your RTA claim case. If needed, the solicitor will talk to personal injury specialists to hassle freely proceed with your case.
LPS solicitors know compensation must be claimed within 3 years from the occurrence of the RTA accident. So, they will speedily proceed with the case to ensure you get maximum compensation you deserve.
Not many of us know that we could be entitled to some form of RTA compensation even if the accident was caused because of our partial fault. Whether you were the driver, the passenger or pedestrian, you are entitled by law to make a claim for receiving compensation.
Without further delay, you must call LPS to discuss your RTA case. RTA can range from minor whiplash to serious spinal fractures. Some injuries have long lasting impact on a person and can cause permanent paralysis of a body part. A reliable and trusted personal injury lawyer will help the road traffic accident victim get compensation for his suffering.