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If you are suffering from Asbestosis, you should contact a professional law firm to make a claim from your past or present employer. It is important to consult a solicitor for Asbestosis compensation as they should be made within 3 years of the knowledge of the condition.

Asbestosis is a long-term lung disorder caused by extended exposure to asbestos, which is a soft, greyish-white material that does not burn. It was mainly used in the past to construct buildings to protect them against fire. Asbestos also gives insulation to any building.

LPS has experienced and honest industrial disease solicitors who have helped many people get Asbestosis compensation quickly.The solicitors work to get maximum amount of compensation available for your claim. LPS practices a ‘no win, no fee’ claims process helping you make your claim risk free.

Symptoms of asbestosis are having shortness of breath and cough or Asbestosis compensationswollen fingers. Shortness of breath and cough are common symptoms that do not become apparent until 15 to 30 years after exposure to asbestos. Swollen fingers are a less common symptom caused due to asbestosis. People employed in insulation, shipbuilding and railways, electricity generation and building and construction industries are more likely to suffer from asbestosis. There is no cure for asbestosis once developed are damaged they are not possible to be repaired.

You should consult with the solicitors to make claim for the maximum amount of asbestosis compensation to meet you and your family’s financial needs.