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There are people who are not aware about their rights when it comes to medical malpractice. The significant fact is that the cost of medical expenses is sky-rocketing and people are not aware about their rights concerned with clinical negligence. There are some basic facts that everybody should know when they visit clinics, doctors and hospitals for medical advice, surgery & procedures.

People should know what they can expect when they visit their GP. When you are a regular visitor to your GP and if he fails to identify your disease properly that is also considered as medical negligence and liable for the compensation. This is considered as an offence and equal to that of medical misdiagnosis which is also liable to compensation claims for GP negligence.

The chances of misdiagnosis are higher in the case of cancers and respiratory diseases and more often they are found in case of lung disease wherein the diagnosis is often made very late despite the patient’s visit to clinics on a regular basis. For example, if you had got an x-ray, and your doctor has declared that there is no issue, but in reality they had misread the X-ray and at some point in the future you have problems that should have been identified previously then you could claim compensation, provided you are suffering due to delayed or wrong reports, misdiagnosis or negligence. Misdiagnosis compensation claims have been handled by LPS solicitors for many years. They provide all the support required for you and your family in this most difficult time. Visit www.lpsolicitors.co.uk to find out how LPS Solicitors can help you today.