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If you think you have been injured participating in any kind of sport by another person, you should contact LPS for making sports injury claims. It does not matter whether or not you are a professional or amateur sportsperson. You can make a claim if you think you are been dangerously tackled or deliberately assaulted during a game. Also use of defective equipment, dangerous ground conditions and careless medical treatment can lead to sports injuries.

LPS solicitors are highly professional and compassionate ready to help you and give you support. They will fight to get maximum amount of compensation following a ‘no win, no fee’ process. LPS has helped thousands of people successfully make sports injury claims.

You should consult LPS today because it is important to take witness evidence of fellow-players and those present at the time of a sports injury to strengthen your claim. The witnesses should be contacted as soon as possible before the matter fades. LPS advise and assist individuals, sports clubs, sporting sports injury claimsorganisations and governing bodies in all kinds of sports-related problems.

Sports injury compensation can be asked during any type of sporting accident like cycling injuries, football, injuries, running injuries, rugby injuries, cricket and hockey injuries, skiing injuries and snowboarding injuries. You can suffer from a sports injury at school, college or university, at the workplace, on a private property, or even on public property.