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Finance Visa Application
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Finance Visa Application
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What is a Fiance Visa?

If your country of origin is outside the European Economic Area (EEA), then you will be subject to immigration control in the UK. This means that in order to be granted entry to live and work in the UK, you must first apply for a UK Visa. The majority of visa types fall under the categories of Work, Family or Study visas.

A Fiance Visa is designed to allow individuals from outside the UK, to enter the UK so that they can marry or begin a civil partnership with their British partner who is settled in the UK. This includes both UK-born individuals and those who have been granted the right to live and work in the UK.

What are the UK Fiance Visa Requirements?

All UK Visas have an individual set of requirements that need to be met in order for a Visa application to be accepted. In order to be accepted for a Fiance Visa, you must meet the minimum age requirements, be involved in a genuine relationship and you must have met up with the person prior to making the application. Here is a breakdown of the UK Fiance Visa requirements:

Age requirements

In order to be eligible for a UK FIance Visa, you be a legal consenting adult. UK legislation recognises an individual as an adult from the age of 18. So in order to make a Fiance Visa application, the minimum age requirement is 18.

Finance and Salary

When living in the UK on a Fiance Visa you are not allowed to work for the duration of this time. In order to remain in the UK, your fiance must either have enough savings for you both to live off, or must be earning a certain amount. The minimum salary requirement is £18,600 a year before tax. However, if you are bringing children to the UK, your partner must earn an additional £3,800 for the first child and an additional £2,400 for each child after this.

The income can be a combination of:

  • Wage from either employment or self-employment (this is only applicable if working in the UK)
  • A UK pension
  • Savings that meet the wage threshold
  • Sick pay, maternity, paternity or adoption pay
  • Other income i.e rent payments, investment or shares money

Relationship Requirements

In order to be accepted for a Fiance Visa, you must be able to demonstrate that you are involved in a genuine relationship and intend to marry in the UK within the 6 month validity period. Both individuals must have met face to face prior to the application being made and it’s important to add that Skype does not suffice for this. In addition to this, suitable accommodation must also be arranged for the fiance and any dependents upon arrival in the UK. Both partners must intend to permanently live together in the UK for an application to be accepted.

If during this 6 month period you fail to marry, then you may be subject to deportation. Due to the complexity of the Fiance application, it’s advised that individuals plan the timing of their application ahead of time, especially if any wedding arrangements have already been made.

What is the UK Fiance Visa Processing Time?

On average, the UK fiance visa processing time is around 2-3 months. There are simple things that you can do to ensure reduce your Fiance Visa processing time, which are as followed:

  • Create a well organised, clear application pack
  • Write clear applicant and UK partner supporting letters
  • Provide photocopies of the original documents that you submit

It’s common for there to be visa application delays when an application has no logical order or is missing important bits of information, so it’s really important to ensure that an application is carefully put together. Hiring an LPS immigration lawyer to deal with your Fiance Visa application will ensure that you have a higher chance of being accepted.

Fiance Visa Application Rejections

If you have previously been refused entry to the UK, this will be because the Home Office has found a loophole within your application, or isn’t satisfied with the information that you have provided. It’s really important to ensure that all of the correct documentation is provided within your initial application to prevent any further delays or rejection.

If you have a negative immigration history, then the Home Office will be subject to conducting more in-depth application checks. If you have previously been rejected for a Fiance Visa, then it’s common for your relationship to come under further scrutiny.

What are the UK Fiance Visa Fees?

Applications from outside the UK will cost a total of £1,523, however there are additional application costs that also need to be accounted for. If you require document translations, a housing report or are in need of priority visa service, then the price can vary.

If you’re unsure on any of the additional application costs, or legal fees involved in the process, then your LPS immigration lawyer will be able to talk you through the process.

How Soon Do you Have to Marry after Entering the UK?

A fiance visa grants you entry to the UK for a period of 6 months and during which time, you must marry your fiance in the UK. You cannot work in the UK during this 6 month period, however once married, you can then apply to switch from a Fiance Visa to a Spouse Visa.

Switching from Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa

Once you have married your partner, you can then apply to switch from a ‘Fiance Visa’ to a ‘Spouse Visa’, which will allow you the right to both live and work within the UK. You can apply from within the UK and this usually takes around 2-12 weeks to process. You are allowed to remain in the UK for a total of 30 months with a Spouse Visa and once this time is up, you will have been living in the UK for a total of 5 years.

Once you have been living in the UK for over 5 years, you can choose to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, which grants permanent residence in the UK. The requirements that must be met are as follows:

  • You are still married to your spouse after 5 years
  • You continue to meet the maintenance requirements

After you have been granted ILR, you may be eligible to apply for British Naturalisation, which means that you will be recognised as a British Citizen by the government.

How LPS Can Help With Your Fiance Visa Application

The team at LPS understands the importance of applying for a Fiance Visa to start your life in the UK. With our services, your personal immigration lawyer will work with you to maximise the strength of your case before completing your application forms and organising your evidence.

After confirming that you are eligible for a Fiance Visa, yous LPS Immigration Lawyers will advise you on how to gather the correct documents for the application. They will then submit this to the Home Office along with the completed application documents, and a detailed Letter of Representation. This letter is written by them, pleading your case and its merits directly to UKVI.

LPS will manage your application from the initial stages of the application, right through until the end. This will maximise your chances of being accepted for a Fiance Visa and to be granted entry into the UK. After the 6 month period is over, you can also choose to work with an LPS Immigration Lawyer in order to make a Spouse Visa application.

If you would like to know more about making a UK Fiance Visa application or to start your application as soon as possible, call us free on 08009961807 or make an enquiry using the online form.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      What Are the UK Child Dependent Visa requirements?
      The dependent child of a British Citizen or a person with settled status can apply for permission to enter and remain in the UK temporarily or permanently. To qualify, the Home Office must be satisfied that the child is:

      • under the age of 18;
      • not leading an independent life;
      • not married or in a civil partnership; and
      • has not formed an independent family unit.

      There are several additional requirements, with more for adopted children.

      If the parent of the dependent child applies to enter or remain in the UK as a partner or parent, they must meet a financial requirement. In all other cases, the parent will need to show they can accommodate the child without help from public funds. In some cases, depending on the status of the parent(s) settlement, the child may need to apply as a points-based system (PBS) dependent

      More information on Child Dependent Visas

      Am I eligible for an Adult Dependent Visa?
      As the parent, grandparent, sibling or child over the age of 18 of a British citizen or a person with settled status in the UK, you can only apply for permission to come here in exceptional circumstances, ie; where you need long-term personal care that your UK sponsor can provide.

      The application must be made from outside the UK and your visa must be obtained before travelling.

      More information on Adult Dependent Visas

      Am I eligible for a UK Ancestry Visa?
      You may be eligible for a British Ancestry Visa if you are a citizen of a Commonwealth country and one of your grandparents was born in either the UK, before March 1922 in what is now the Republic of Ireland or on a British-registered ship or aircraft.
      You cannot claim UK ancestry through step-parents.

      A British Ancestry Visa allows holders to live, work and study in the UK for a period of up to five years, at which point they may be eligible to apply for a renewal or apply for settled status in the UK.

      Find out more about UK Ancestry Visas

      Can I join my migrant relative in the UK?

      As the partner or dependent child (under 18) of a migrant who is in or coming to the UK under most categories of the points-based system, you can apply for a visa to join them here as a PBS dependent.

      You will need to show that:

      • you intend to live with the migrant worker, and
      • your relationship is genuine.

      Or for children:

      • you have not formed an independent family unit, or
      • are leading an independent life.

      The migrant worker will also need to prove that they can support you without relying on public funds.

      Is there a visa for parents of British citizens?
      As as the parent of a child who is a British citizen or settled in the UK, you can apply for permission to enter or stay here. You will need to show that:

      • you have sole responsibility for the child, or at the very least access rights;
      • you can maintain yourself without relying on public funds;
      • you meet the suitability and English language requirements.

      If you meet all the requirements you will be given temporary permission to remain in the UK for 30 months. You will be eligible to stay for a further 30 months if you continue to meet the requirements and after five years you can apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain).

      If you are outside the UK you must obtain your visa before travelling.

      If you are already in the UK you will be eligible so long as you are not on a Visitor Visa or on temporary admission, permission to stay was not given for a period of less than six months (unless as a fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner) and you are not in breach of the Immigration Rules (overstaying for less than 28 days will not be taken into account).

      I am here under the Points Based System (PBS) - can my family members join me?
      Yes, generally your family members will be able to join you if you are in the UK on a visa under the Points Based System. For further information, you may want to take a look at Spouse/Partner Visas, as well as Dependent Visas, or speak to one of our immigration experts.
      I have been refused a Family Visa UK – can I appeal?

      As the law currently stands, you will be able to appeal in the event that your UK Family Visa is refused.

      In the event that your application is refused, there may be other options even after the refusal. Speak to an immigration lawyer to get the best and most up to date advice.

      The law at the present time in respect of Visit Visas does not allow for a full right of appeal. You can only appeal such visas on very restricted grounds. If you have been refused a Family Visit Visa it is advisable to speak to one of our experts to advise on your options.

      What services does LPS offer?

      With our team of expert immigration lawyers, we will be able to assist you with any type of Family Visa application.

      We will:

      • assess your eligibility for a Family Visa;
      • assess whether your UK relative is eligible to act as your sponsor;
      • help you make sure you have acceptable proof of your relationship to your relative for your application;
      • perform a full document check to ensure that they are sufficient;
      • confer with you in person, via phone or Skype at a suitable time for you;
      • prepare a Letter of Representation to accompany your application. This is a document containing information about your case and its merits. It will also reference all relevant UK immigration laws that might support your application;
      • liaise with the Home Office throughout the process;
      • complete each part of your application in full and to a professional standard

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