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Your Complaints Handling Procedure

Designated Complaints Handler

If you have any concerns about our service, our work, or our charges, you should discuss these first with the individual who has day-to-day control of your matter.

If this person cannot satisfactorily address your concerns and you wish to make a complaint, please contact our Designated Complaints Handler, Mr Aurangzeb Akbar, who is a Solicitor/Director and is also the COLP at the firm.

You can write to him at LPS Solicitors, Alpha House, 2 Coop Place, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD5 8JX or send an email to [email protected]

Step One: Acknowledging your Complaint

Within five working days of receiving your complaint we will send you a letter acknowledging your complaint and provide details of the relevant complaint’s handler.

Step Two: Investigating your Complaint

Within fifteen working days of receiving your complaint, we will review your file(s) and any other relevant documentation and will endeavour to provide a written response to your complaint. Examples of what we might say in this letter are as follows:

  • If your complaint is straightforward, we might make suggestions as to how we can put things right or we may offer you some form of redress;
  • If your complaint is more complicated, we might ask you to confirm, explain or clarify any issues;
  • We may ask to meet with you to discuss things face-to-face and we would hope to be in a position to meet with you within fifteen working days after first receiving your complaint. If you would prefer not to meet, or if we cannot arrange this within an agreeable timescale, we will write to you fully setting out our views on the situation and making suggestions as to how we can put things right, or asking you to confirm, explain or clarify any issues. Within ten working days of any meeting, we will write to you again to confirm what took place and to confirm any offer of redress that we have made.

Whichever form our investigation takes, we will aim to give you our final decision within six weeks of receiving your complaint (or sooner if possible).

Step Three: The Legal Ombudsman

If you are still not satisfied with our decision or If we are unable to resolve your complaint then you can have the complaint independently looked at by the Legal Ombudsman. The Legal Ombudsman investigates complaints about service issues with lawyers.

The Legal Ombudsman expects complaints to be made to them within one year of the date of the act or omission about which you are concerned or within one year of you realising there was a concern. You must also refer your concerns to the Legal Ombudsman within six months of our final response to you.

Legal Ombudsman Contact Details

Address:           Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ

Telephone:       0300 555 0333

Email:               [email protected]

Website:           www.legalombudsman.org.uk

What to do if you are unhappy with our behaviour

Reports about our conduct (behaviour), rather than about our service levels, can be made to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Visit their website to see how you can raise your concerns with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. See www.sra.org.uk/consumers/problems/report-solicitor.page for more details.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative complaints bodies, such as ProMediate UK Ltd (www.promediate.co.uk) exist and are competent to deal with complaints about legal services should both you and this firm wish to use such a scheme.  We do not agree to use the scheme operated by ProMediate UK Ltd as we believe the Legal Ombudsman is better equipped to resolve complaints against legal firms.

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