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On occasion, I have been approached by clients who seek a formal separation but not a divorce. I must confess that this does arise on rarer occasions. I am asked, surely, there has be an option available for individuals who do not seek a formal divorce but do seek a formal separation! Well, yes, yes there is and the procedure is commonly referred to as a judicial separation.

In my capacity as Head of Family for LPS Solicitors, I am often questioned about alternatives to divorce and these questions commonly arise in initial meeting with clients. Due to the resounding impact of separation, I have a policy of discussing such matters at the offset. This allows me the opportunity to broach the sometimes-difficult conversation of reconciliation. I mean, I for one, have learned, that you should never say never, and all bases should be explained, especially when clients are suffering the high tides of emotion attached to the breakdown.

I mean, let us be honest, the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most difficult times in an individual’s life and the fiery flames of the dispute are often frustrated by the toll of bearing the impact that can fall upon you and family. Sadly, these problems can often also be exasperated by personal issues, such as, you not wanting to proceed with a divorce due to religious or cultural issues.

These difficulties can be remedied by way of considering a judicial separation